Each element has its own set of pricing. 
Both affordable and quality driven, 
we make sure our clients are taken care of. 
We have an initial consulting fee of $100 an hour. 


Mixing and Editing
With mass attention to detail we make sure every sound is accounted for. We level, compress, EQ, limit and balance your songs to best fit your ear. There are two options to choose from, two-track and tracked out. Two-track uses an already bounced instrumental in wave format and your recorded vocals. Tracked out uses every sound and instrument bounced down and separated for its own individual mix. 
  •     Two-Track - $65 
  •    Tracked Out - $100
For our commitment to excellence, mixing and editing takes about 6-8 man hours to ensure that we’ve covered everything, so we offer a 3 day turnaround. Even after such, if there are edits that you personally desire, they will be implemented upon request.

After every carwash, you must wax it! Everything that has been washed has to shine for people to see it at its highest potential. That’s what we do for your master. Bigger sound, balanced levels, last minute tweaks and overall effects we be handled in your master. Mastering takes 1-2 man hours so this is a 24 hour turnaround.
  •      $50 Full Master
CRT Special(Concert,Radio,TV)
This encompasses your concert/show mix, radio edit and television edit. We ensure to prepare you for every possible outcome and opportunity without having to go back and forth for your mixes.
  •     $20(Wave and mp3 of your Show mix, radio edit and tv edit)
Instrumental Mixing
For producers who just want to make their beats and be done with it, we offer our service to mix your instrumentals and free you from your burden.
  •    $50 Full mix
Music Production
The Artis Collective offers quality production for your music needs in any genre of your choosing.
  •     $100 for nonexclusive two year lease.
  •     $600 for exclusive rights.
Need help writing your next hit? Or do you just not have the time to do so yourself? We can assist. With a roster of skilled writers, we can provide you with the best fit for your song.
  •     $350 a song with full writers credits
  •     Ghostwriting is negotiable.
Performance/Artist Coaching
Simply put, we teach you how to be the best performer/artist possible and within your own abilities. (Curriculum available upon request)
  •     $60 an hour
Fire me Special
This is where we take every skill used to execute each of the services listed above and teach it to you, so that you no longer need us. Our job is not to make you dependent on us, but to make you leaders of your own career.
  •    $100 an hour

For your movie aspirations we will write your script. Your ideas, our fingers. All creative rights will be yours. All prices are inclusive of first draft, rewrite, polish, commencement and delivery. 
  1. Original Screenplay w/Treatment - $250 per page
  2. Non-original Screenplay w/Treatment - $200 per page
  3. Original Screenplay w/out Treatment - $150 per page
  4. Non-original Screenplay w/out Treatment - $100 per page
Script Editing
Every script needs someone to edit its work. We take great pride in mulling over every word with tedious precision for the excellence of your already written work. 
  • $75 per page
Script Reading
You're going to need someone to read your script and bring it to life. We will read and video the experience for your review.
  • $50 per page
Sound Design and Scoring
The sounds and music of your film need feeling that our composers can provide to you for whatever mood you choose. 
  • $3500 + masters
  • $10,000 with no masters
Video Editing
For film or video that has already been shot, we can edit the footage for you.
  • Still videos - $50
  • Video Blogs - $200
  • Music Video - Negotiable starting at $500
  • Commercials - $500
  • Documentary - $750
  • Full Feature Film - Negotiable starting at $2,000
Have a great idea for a book? Or do you want your life story to be written? We're here to be your pen and paper without the necessity of recognition. 
  • $.60 per word.  
Book Editing
Make sure your novel is without grammatical errors and literary oversights by allowing us to edit your books. 
  • $.07 per word
Round Table Readings
After all of your hard work you'll want a group of people to participate in a reading to see how your readers will react to your work. We make it a themed and recorded event for you. 
  • $1600 flat fee inclusive of location, video, readers and refreshments for guests