General Heat

Since the beginning of time music has been the driving force of human behavior. Its influence on the mind has the ability to shape and misshape lives. General Heat inspires, motivates and influences his audience to be aggressive dream chasers, radical change agents and passion driven people.  

 General Heat, originally from Baltimore, Maryland now residing in Atlanta, Georgia brings a distinct spin to the Hip Hop music culture. 

With influences from Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Nickelback, Jason Mraz, Dwayne Johnson, Gary V, Robert Kiyosaki, Ludacris, Will Smith, Trevor Evans, Kanye West and Eric Thomas, General Heat combines and fuses his music with the insatiable desire people have to succeed. 

Formerly with the group, The Alliance, with the hit song "Tatted Up", General Heat has tasted the spoils of the music industry. Upon leaving the group, he made a career as a sound engineer helping other artists complete their projects. Thereafter, General Heat took to the independent route with his own music. 

His goal... Make music and perform with such excellence, inspiration and motivation that it forces his audience to chase after their dreams by any means. As an MC, music producer and audio engineer, General Heat possesses the ability to see and hear music from many perspectives and execute all of them. Standing as a leader in this industry, in this culture and in this world... This is General Heat.